Paved (in progress work)

I am in the process of etching the final tiles (identical the the ones shown) and mounting them all the the red pavers. The final gallery installation will be a rectangle of twelve green 4" x 8" tiles laser engraved with clover and grass imagery arranged 1 inch apart in a 20" x 36" rectangle. In between the the bricks will be a 1/2" layer of dark brown topsoil that will extend 4" around the perimeter of the rectangle. All of this will be set on a impermeable floor covering to protect the gallery floor from dirt/scratches or other harm. 

This work is a culmination of my studio practice since graduating from Plymouth State University two years ago. It combines the close observation of my surroundings, learned and fostered by PSU Faculty both in and out side the art department, with an awareness of materials innate ability to hold meaning.